Our Work

The goal of our Local Initiative is to help and support local firefighters and fire departments with their training in any way we can.

It consists of 2 primary functions: 
Local Training Events
Providing Equipment & Training Props


Local Training Events

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Training should not be compromised or suffer due to lack of resources or funding which is why Port City Fire Training is committed to providing free local training each year.


We bring the classes directly to you which eliminates the need for local firefighters to travel.


Top instructors from around the country are brought in to facilitate.  


We are proud to have hosted one free local training event each year since 2019!  We are excited to announce that even though we have already hosted one free class in 2021 we are finalizing the details for a second this year! 

Stay tuned for more details!


Providing Equipment & Training Props

Training doesn't have to end when Port City Fire Training completes a training program.


We are committed to making our training equipment and props available to local firefighters and fire departments so that the training with current and future firefighters can continue.

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Become a Sponsor

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Here at Port City Fire Training, we believe that,


"The difference between operational success and failure is determined during training."


If you would like to become a sponsor of our local initiative and help make training more available to local firefighters, please click the button to request more information.  


See below for the list of past sponsors of our local initiative.


Our Sponsors



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