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“Stretching and Advancing the Initial Handline” Fire Engineering (October 2014)

“From Urban to Rural: Urban Expansion and Its Effects on the Fire Service” Fire Rescue (January 2015)

“Hoseline Selection: 1 ¾- and 2 ½ Inch Hoselines” Fire Engineering. (2015, April 13) 

“Are You Using the Hydrant Kit to Maximum Advantage?” Fire Engineering (November 2015)

“Where Has the Pride Gone? What Can We Do to Get it Back?” Firehouse (2016, November 9) 

“The Initial Handline: Selecting the Proper Hose Diameter and Nozzle” Firehouse (2017, January 10) 

“The Importance of Preassigned Responsibilities” Fire Engineering (2017, January 19)

“Under Pressure: Pressure-reducing devices and the fire service” Fire Rescue (February 2017)

“The Senior Man” Fire Engineering (2017, February 16) 

“Stairwell Designation at Fires in Multiple-Story Buildings: Designating Fire Attack Stairs and Evacuation Stairs” Fire Rescue (March 2017)

“Understanding the Use of Fire Department Connections” Firehouse (2017, July, 11)


“Attitude: The Driving Force in the Fire Service” FireFighter Nation (2017, July, 31) 

“Extending the Hoseline: Overcoming a Short Stretch, Part 1 Fire Engineering (2017, August, 21)

Extending the Hoseline: Overcoming a Short Stretch, Part 2 Fire Engineering (2017, August, 22)

“Effective Training: Getting out of Your Comfort Zone” Fire Engineering (2017, September, 14)

“From Hoselines to Hydrants: Understanding Water Supply” Firehouse (2017, November, 14)


“The Second Line: A Backup Line or a Second Attack Line” Fire Engineering (2017, December, 28)


“The Well-Hole Stretch” Firehouse (2018, January, 25)


“Fire Boat Use for Water Supply at Structure Fires” Fire Engineering (2018, January, 26)

“Nozzle Management” Fire Engineering (May 2018)

“The Proactive RIT” Firehouse (2018, June, 19)

The Importance of Kink Management Firehouse (July 2018)


“Know the Hose” Firehouse (2018, August, 1)

“Standpipe Systems: Stretching from the Street” Fire Engineering (2018, September, 13)

“Passion and Expectations” Firemanship (January 2019)

“The Increaser: The Adapter Many Fire Departments are Missing" Firehouse (2019, February 5)

“Attack Line: The Preconnect vs. the Static Hose Load” Fire Engineering Water on the Fire Supplement (February 2019)

"The Second-Due Engine Company & the First Hoseline" Firehouse (2019, March 1)

Preplanning: Include the Hose StretchFire Engineering (October 2019)


Gated Wyes: Not For Standpipe System Operations” Fire Engineering (October 2019)


“Those Guys” Firemanship (November 2019)


“The Standpipe Bag: What's in Your Bag and Why?” Fire Rescue (2020, January, 14) 

“Nozzle Knowledge is More Than Just Smoothbore or Fog” Fire Rescue (2020, February, 29)

Ground Ladders: Size Really Does Matter” Fire Engineering (March 2020)

“Standpipe Ops; Bleeder Valves” Fire Department Training Network (2020, March)

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